Discover the Authentic Flavors of North Indian food in Vancouver through Tiffin Services

Published Dec 13, 2023

A sentiment that is often shared by people while living in Vancouver is the craving for authentic North Indian food. Even though Delhi and Punjab are far away and you can't enjoy their bustling streets while eating delicious Indian food, Tiffin services can help you satiate your craving. Tiffin service providers use fresh and high-quality ingredients in cooking, ensuring you get nutritious food. They deliver food to your home, offering you comfort and convenience. They also use familiar spices and flavours that closely resemble homemade food. Let us dive deep to know more about tiffin services.

Why Tiffin services?

You don’t need to compromise on food with tiffin services as they provide authentic north Indian cuisine to your home. Here is what makes the tiffin services special.

1. Variety of dishes

Tiffin Services in Vancouver offers a diverse menu that allows individuals to have a range of delightful flavours. Some also provide regional specialities, giving people opportunities to explore different cuisines and satiate their taste buds.

2. Customization and on-time delivery

Tiffin services allow you to customize your food according to your dietary preferences, portion size, etc. They also deliver food to your doorstep, giving you the convenience and comfort to have freshly cooked meals at home.

3. Cultural connection

Food gives us reminiscent of our home and culture, so freshly prepared home-cooked meals from tiffin service will help you connect with your culture.

How to find the best tiffin services?

Many tiffin services in Vancouver are known for their unique flavours and specialities. We know exploring these can be challenging, but they will help you find the service that offers the most authentic dishes. The below tips can help you find the best tiffin service in Vancouver.

1. Online research and reviews

Do a Google search for “Tiffin services in Vancouver” or the cuisine you are looking for and review the listings on Google Maps. Search on social media platforms to check out the people's reviews. And don’t forget to seek recommendations from your friends and colleagues in Vancouver to find the best tiffin services.

2. Customization options

Some providers that offer Punjabi tiffin service in Vancouver offer customization options according to one’s dietary choices. You need to explore these options if you have certain food preferences.

3. Trial and taste

Taste the food provided by the different tiffin services to know whether they are delivering the food that suits your preferences. And whether their food is fresh, authentic, delicious and captures the essence of north Indian cuisine.

What set ash food service as the top choice?

Ash Food delivers home-cooked North Indian meals that are perfect for regular consumption. Our seasoned chefs use fresh ingredients to ensure the food tastes good and make you feel just like you are eating your mother-cooked food. Our menu contains dishes that provide balanced nutrition, such as dal, sabzi, and roti. We don’t add artificial flavours or preservatives to the food, ensuring you eat wholesome and healthy meals. We also provide dessert, mint chatni or pickles according to the tiffin package selected. Our food is not too heavy or spicy, which makes it perfect for daily eating. We deliver food in Surrey, Delta, Langley, White Rock, New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver, and Richmond.

So, whether you are a immigrant who came to study or have a job, and doesn’t have cooking facilities, or you both are working and don’t have time to cook traditional dishes, we got you covered. To learn more about our menu and services, please visit

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